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Interior design
Commercial Interior design

Interior designs that merge and compliment the architecture of the external envelope.

A creative, conceptual response to the brief of our client is only effective when it fulfils the practical requirements.


Once the plan is approved functionally, the design is implemented by a proficient and professional multi-task team under the direction of TSS.

Awareness of environment, culture, practicality and sensitivity to the needs of the end users is of paramount importance, particularly in large and expansive areas which cater for the greater commercial environment e.g. canteens, dining areas for both the worker or executive, including restaurants and homes of all calibres.

We have the knowledge and expertise to undertake any medium sized project.


TSS prides itself in  the  research completed,  its attention  to detail and  personalised service; in order to fully comprehend, execute, and fulfil, with confidence, the end objective.


       IN A WORD - Turnkey.       

TSS is one of the only local companies which offers services incorporating every aspect of construction, refurbishment, interior design, decorating and identity. 


Interiors are a lot more than just a blend of colour.

It takes experience, patience and an understanding of a clients needs and personality to plan and then execute a beautiful space.


Honesty, trust and integrity are the cornerstones of our Values.






Dining Room Design
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